options on the horizon...

Central Purchasing

Contract base with agreed markup, including cost optimization program. Though we specialise in onboard components but we also cover cables, harness, mechanical parts, industrial & chemical supplies.

Independent Distribution

We purchase either directly with official distribution channels (in 3 continents) or direct with manufacturer's sales office. All products are traceable & with standard manufacturer's warrantee.


In order to meet your critical deadline, at times, availabilities are only located at the non official suppliers. In such cases, you will be notified about the fact. We will qualify and negotiate on your behalf the offers from our trusted sources with a neccessary warrantee period.

These are the questions we always ask...

  • How many suppliers you are purchasing from?
  • Are you buying the same items from multiple suppliers?
  • Are you issuing an excessive amount of purchase orders for the same items? From the same suppliers?
  • Are you using an appropriate mix of suppliers?
  • What commodities are you sole sourcing? And should you be?

These questions could give both your organisation and us a structured approach on developing a higher level collaboration which may lead to a Service Level Contract. On outsourcing some of your procurement initiatives it can lead to cost savings or revenue generated, depending on your purchasing strategy.

Whatever your purchasing & sourcing approaches are, tell us your recurring obstacles and the options can be on the horizon with us.

Our services at a glance

  • Distribution
  • Central purchasing
  • Consolidated buying at kit-level
  • Excess stock buy out or consignment program
  • Sourcing for hard-to-find products